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The way to approach this topic is to prevent a citation all together by complying with the regulations. Ask the building owner or their operating agent if they have a letter of assurance that meet the requirements per 29 CFR OSHA 1910.66(c)(3) which states “Building owners of all installations, new and existing shall inform the employer in writing that the installation has been inspected, tested and maintained in compliance with the requirements of paragraph (g) and (h) of this section and that all protection anchorages meet the requirements of paragraph (I)(c)(10) of appendix C”. Another words, did a Registered Professional Engineer design and install the stink, stack or vent pipe as an anchoring device as stated in 1910.66(e)(1)(i) to be capable of supporting 5,000 pounds?


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Can anyone here provide me with a citation regarding using a Stink / Stack / Vent pipe as an anchorage for a RDS or fall arrest tie back?


I need to explain to a prospect why we are declining to quote their building.



Steve Miller