[World] Picnic - over $6,000 worth of free stuff for you.

Date Mon, 22 Jul 2013 17:16:39 -0500

Over $6,000 worth of stuff will be given away at the Picnic - samples, gifts for everyone - and enough door prizes that everyone will win.
(Including a few waterfed poles.)


This means - like most every year since 1997 - total free stuff from WCN sponsors will more than cover total registration fees.



At least 10 people are going to come out way ahead, because there are 10 door prizes valued at $100+ to $550.


Everyone does OK, because there are enough smaller prizes that everyone will win something, and a lot of stuff is in the 3 gift bags that every window cleaner gets.


Bringing an employee doubles your odds.

Just be sure to work out ahead of time who gets to keep what you win!

Family members and guests, get a deep discount, but they don't get prizes.

(For that matter, I never win anything, and neither do sponsors.)



Gary Mauer

Window Cleaning Network

Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, USA


Window Cleaning Network Picnic – Weekend of July 27!