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You would probably need to contact the water department and see if they may allow it.  They could place a reducer on the 2.5" connection that could feed into a garden hose .  They would probably place a small water meter on it so that they could keep track of the gallons used and then they would probably bill you.  Being that the hydrant is next to the hotel and would be needed in the unlikely event of a fire at the hotel, they or the fire department may not want you to use it..  

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Anyone here used fire hydrants – maybe for pressure washing?


I believe we’re going to have 7 or 8 pure water systems at the Picnic next Saturday.

I expect it will be a little tricky hooking them all up, because we’re in a new location.

(Poolside instead of near the golf clubhouse.)

I’ve been there scouting for spigots; a couple of them are kind of close to doors,

If necessary, we can do traffic cones and signs to keep people safe.


But right there at the end of the lawn is a bright yellow fire hydrant.


My question is – if a person needed to use a city fire hydrant, how does that work?




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