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I think he was referring to a door jam. Not to say that practice is ok. There are different ratings for restraint and arrest though. Don’t quote me on this but I think restraint is 1500 Lb and arrest I know if 5000lb. J


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I've tied off to various things when stepping out on a roof or ledge, but I would NEVER count on a door to catch my weight from a fall.  Most interior doors are not only hollow, but don't require that much force to kick open and tear off the hinges.  It certainly does not meet OSHA safety standards, much less offer the protection I'd personally want.  In the old days guys would tie off to radiators or large pipe hand rails in stairways, never heard of using a door.


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You just can’t tell from the picture, shot from a tower across the street.

Guy who shot the picture says he watched for a while and the guy was going from one apartment to the other, climbing out and holding onto frames.

Apparently the building managers were shown the picture and asked to comment. It says, “Gary Rappaport, General Counsel to Chelsea Tower, insists the worker was in fact wearing a harness. "To our eyes the man is wearing a harness, we insist on them wearing a harness, and that photo was taken from quite some distance away," Rappaport told us. Elaborating on the harness, he said, "It's a step-in type of harness with a belt buckle and strap that goes over his shoulders, and anchors him to the apartment door through a rope that's safety tested. He's tethered to go, and if something were to happen to him, he'd fall about two feet."”


To me it looks as though, if he was wearing something, he closed the window on it.



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