RE: [World] ALL scratches grow wider and more visible - learned that at GPD.

Date Tue, 2 Jul 2013 22:38:09 -0500

Don’t be distracted by those irrelevant old junk science/glass myth articles about old glass.

This is something new to our industry - it’s something that actually matters a lot.


Scratches slowly grow more visible.

They look worse LATER than they did when they were new, and window cleaners HAVE to understand this to stay out of trouble:


1 - Tempered glass scratches stop growing wider (and more visible) at about 16 hours.

My understanding is tempered scratches can end up about 10x worse than at first. 


2 – Annealed glass scratches grow more slowly – but keep growing for up to 14 days – and ultimately they grow nearly as bad as tempered.

My understanding is annealed scratches end up 8x or 9x wider than at first.




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