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Hey Mark
The first year we did this job I rented one from Skyclimber in Atlanta and they saw me coming. 250 for one rig one week. Later I rented a swing stage from them and figured it out. After that I rented one from another local company here for 80 for a couple of days. I do this job once a year so I need to bite the bullet I guess.

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Hi Mark, how much do you pay for a rental rolling roof rig per day and per week, however you rent it. Thank you.  I sold mine a couple of years ago for $600 to an outfit in Seattle.  Wish to hell I had not.  Good luck.

Mark Ahlich Crystal Clear Vision New Orleans, Louisiana

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As much as I don't want to, it looks like I'll be renting again this year. I may break down and buy a new one, I feel like I'm tossing money out the window everytime I rent equipment I know I'll need regularly.
Mark Tague
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>>>Does anyone in or near Georgia have a used roof rig for sale? I need one by the first and a new one isn't in the budget. -- Mark Tague<<<
Do you have a plan B if you don't find a rolling roof rig?
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