Re: [World] "Screen Burn", CC 550 and hazing - tin etch haze and sun haze.

From Philip Bell <addressis@removed>
Date Mon, 23 Dec 2002 07:56:26 -0500

I have used sodium hydroxide occasionally and never had any problem with
the glass hazing. I have had some good luck with CC550, but have also had
to replace some glass a couple times. Nothing serious, but still an
aggrivation. I avoid using CC550 now. My crews prfer to use 0000 steel
wool. It doesn't do as complete a job but there is less chance for damage
and there is no mess.

Phil Bell
Bell window cleaning
Concord, NH

On Fri, 20 Dec 2002 15:02:03 -0500 "Alex Goolsby" <>
>Be careful, cc 550 can most unexpectedly etch/cloud windows. Dan 
>explained phenomenon to me and I also found it mentioned in Winsol's 
>CC 550
>   "Before using any restoration chemical on glass always test.  
>especially float glass, which has a microscopic film of tin on one 
>to protect it from corrosion, if installed backwards, may be more 
>damaged by corrosion than other panes of glass."
> Now I find the meaning of the above paragraph to be a bit unclear but 
>upshot is that we run into these backwards installed windows more 
>often than
>we would like.  When you put cc 550 on them they cloud up with a
>bluish/whitish haze. This haze can be removed with a rotary drill and 
>product from ABR but it isn't fun to have to do this. Doing a tiny 
>test area
>first should be the best way to avoid this problem but the problem 
>doing a small test area is that you cannot always see the cloud on 
>such a
>small spot. (Maybe a loupe is the answer here? I have not tried one.) 
>If you
>plan on using cc 550 I would recomend you arm yourself with a high 
>high-speed drill and this 'acid etch remover' from ABR. (Thanks to 
>Deines for telling me about ABR.)
>I have a question for those of you using sodium hydroxide: does it 
>also haze
>these "tin side out" windows? I doubt it but I'd like to know for 
>We plan on switching to to SH to get away from this problem with the 
>I too have seen this other hazing problem, mentiond by the Dallas W/C 
>co. in
>their post - the one you can encounter when using cc 550 in direct 
>sun. It
>seems to give the glass an odd sheen that is only visible in direct 
>sun if
>you are looking at an angle. This seems to happen to the glass itself, 
>the tin coating. Have others run into the same problem? Any 
>work-around for
>Alex Goolsby
>Clearwater Cleaning
>Richmond VA
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>the best ive seen in removing screen rust is crystal clear 550. It 
>great on the toughest stains but dont use it in direct sun light it 
>burn the glass. Have used pumis and 0000 steel wool but the 550 is so 
>faster and less time consuming.
>   A Clear View Window Cleaning
>          Dallas Texas
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